The BeGrainSafe Trailer is the heart of the BeGrainSafe program and can be used to demonstrate grain entrapment and is a key component of our firefighter grain rescue training. This mobile training and demonstration unit is fully resourced for large ag shows, trade shows and fairs. It is also helpful, but not required for on-site producer workplace training.


How Rescue Demonstrations Work

The BeGrainSafe Trailer has a built-in silo (capacity 7,000 pounds [318 kg] of grain). Above the silo is a demonstration platform with a davit arm that can safely lower a mannequin or person into the grain. Once entrapped, a minimum of two, properly trained rescue demonstrators use grain rescue tubes in combination with an auger (both included) to safely extract the grain from around the mannequin/person until they can be freed from the grain, while a webcam, PA system and TV monitors bring the rescue to audiences below.


Interactive Displays

The BeGrainSafe Trailer also comes packed with interactive displays and activities, including:

  • A lung display that demonstrates how difficult it is to breathe in grain;
  • A flowing grain display that demonstrates how quickly someone can become engulfed in grain;
  • A leg display that demonstrates the force of grain on the body; and
  • Two ipads with grain safety games for adults and kids.

Booking the BeGrainSafe Trailer­

The BeGrainSafe Trailer is available to book in the prairie provinces throughout the year. Just fill out the Request a Resource form and be sure to select “BeGrainSafe Trailer.” Due to the logistics and cost of shipping the trailer, CASA books the trailer based on the most efficient travel routes available. This means that the trailer may only be available in your province at certain times of the year. Please check Track Our Trailer below to see where and when the trailer is already booked.

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