BeGrainSafe is a program designed to help save lives.

Learn about the hazards of grain through prevention education, rescue training and on-site workplace training, and be grain safe.

This year, CASA is hosting BeGrainSafe Week, raising awareness about the dangers of moving grain and on the BeGrainSafe Program. On this page, you’ll find social media posts, public services announcements, grain safety resources and more!

Media, communication professionals, and organizations looking for grain safety content need look no further than the BeGrainSafe Week page. Publish and print any information or stories found on this page to help all Canadians BeGrainSafe. For more information, please contact Robin Anderson, CASA Communications at

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CASA Resources

Check out these resources developed by CASA!

Toolbox Talks

Toolbox Talks are brief, informal talks or meetings about specific topics. These toolbox talks are all about grain safety and associated hazards. Print, share, and BeGrainSafe!

Grain bin safety

Confined spaces on the farm

Managing grain dust

Fall protection

Operating portable augers

Preparing grain bins for harvest

Online Training: Introduction to Grain Handling and Storage Hazards

This training program is intended to familiarize individuals with the conditions and equipment used in grain handling and storage, which may contribute to grain entrapment situations or result in injury to individuals working in an on-farm grain handling and storage facility.

Pre-requisite to Emergency Response Planning on the Farm course.

Online Course

2 Hours

Free to the public

Continual evaluation throughout course
Upon completion of this course, a Introduction to Grain Handling and Storage Hazards Certificate of Completion will be available for download and printing.

Course Topics

  • Industry overview
    • Frequency of incidents
    • Industry changes
  • Grain handling hazards
    • The material
    • The people
    • The environment
    • The components
  • Hazard control strategies


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