Grain entrapment is extremely dangerous for the victim and the rescuers. Firefighters must use specific safety and rescue procedures to increase their chances of a successful rescue, while keeping members of their department safe. That’s why CASA has developed the following rescue courses for firefighters.

Who should take these courses: Firefighters.

Introduction to Grain Handling and Storage Hazards

This training program is intended to familiarize individuals with the conditions and equipment used in grain handling and storage, which may contribute to grain entrapment situations or result in injury to individuals working in an on-farm grain handling and storage facility.

Pre-requisite to Firefighter Grain Rescue Training course.

Online Course

45 Minutes

Free to the public

Continual evaluation throughout course
Upon completion of this course, a Certificate of Completion will be available for downloading and printing.

Course Topics

  • The Material
  • Grain Transport and Storage
  • Stability of Grain Storage Structures
  • Confined Spaces
  • The Components
  • Entanglement Hazards
  • Electrical
  • Electrical Hazards
  • Lock Out / Tag Out Requirements
  • Summary

Firefighter Grain Rescue Training Course

This training program incorporates both classroom theory and practical training. It is intended to prepare firefighters to respond to a grain entrapment incident on-farm or at a grain handling facility.

All course participants are required to complete the free online course Introduction to Grain Handling and Storage Hazards prior to taking this course. BeGrainSafe Trailer is required for this course.

In-person Course

Approximately 8 to 16 hours (duration dependent upon skill level of participants)

Contact CASA for pricing

Continual evaluation throughout course
Upon completion of this course, a Certificate of Completion will be provided.

Course Topics

  • Identification of grain incidents
    • How they occur
    • Common injuries
    • Types of entrapments
  • Grain handling and storage facilities
    • Hazard identification
  • Regulatory standards
  • Confined space and fall protection considerations
  • Hazard analysis and risk assessment
  • Equipment required
  • Practical rescue training

Request a Course

To request the Firefighter Grain Rescue Training Course, fill out and submit the course request form and a CASA representative will get back to you shortly. Please note that while this course is under development, we may be able to accommodate your needs by planning for a future date.

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