The Corteva Agriscience™ Youth Safety Day Fund is designed to offset some of the operational costs associated with hosting a Progressive Agriculture Safety Day®.

The funding is provided through a partnership between Corteva Agriscience™,  and the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association.

Safety Day Coordinators that apply for funding can receive up to $700.00 per event to help cover costs associated with holding these important farm safety events. Only Safety Days registered through the Progressive Agriculture Foundation may apply.

Progressive Agriculture Safety Days typically consist of one-day, age-appropriate events that help children learn how to be safe on the farm. It’s the largest rural safety and health education program for children in North America.

We are currently accepting applications for eligible 2019 Safety Days. Please review the application process below.

Safety Day volunteers from Richmond, Quebec.

Application Process

To apply for the Corteva Agriscience™ Youth Safety Day Fund, please download and fill out the Application Form and submit it via email or fax to CASA.

Corteva Agriscience™ Youth Safety Day Fund Guidelines

  • Objective:
    For Corteva Agriscience™ to assist in facilitating the delivery of Canadian Progressive Agriculture Safety Day events across Canada by providing funding assistance to offset the operational costs of the event.
  • Eligibility:
    Only Canadian Progressive Agriculture Foundation Safety Days with an agricultural focus are eligible to apply for the grant. Only Safety Days occurring in 2019 are eligible.
  • Grant Amount:
    The maximum grant amount is $700 per Safety Day event.
  • Eligible Expenses:
    Snacks and lunches for the participants, venue rental, audio visual system rental, travel expenses for presenters, bussing expenses, training resource rental and/or shipping costs.
  • Ineligible Expenses:
    Including but not limited to – planning committee expenses such as meals and mileages and giveaways/promotional items for participants,
  • Application Process:
    Email or fax 1-877-261-5004.
  • Notification:
    Applicants will receive an email notification indicating whether their application has been approved or declined for funding.
  • Accounting:
    Approved applicants will have to submit receipts to confirm their incurred expenditures prior to the grant funding being issued. Every effort will be made to ensure that grant payments will be issued within two weeks of receipt of completed expense claims.
  • Sponsor Acknowledgement:
    Recipients of the grant are expected to acknowledge Corteva Agriscience™ as the funder of this grant during the event and in any media communications related to the event prior to and after the safety day. Posters and a templated media advisory are available to assist with this recognition.

Application Form

Download a copy of the form below to submit your application.

Call the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association at
1 (877) 452-2272

This grant program is administered by the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association on behalf of Corteva Agriscience™