AgSafe Provincial Partner Program

The Provincial AgSafe Partner Program supports the development, updating or modification of agricultural safety resources. Each resource is accessible through the links or downloads below. This program is made possible through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, a federal, provincial and territorial initiative.

Beef Cattle Handling Facilities

Information and Evaluation Tool

Created in partnership with AgSafe BC.

``What Did You Say?``

How to Prevent Noise Induced Hearing Loss in Agriculture

Farming can be noisy, whether you are operating machinery like a tractor or combine, working in a livestock barn or near a grain auger, consider the effects all of these noises can have on your hearing. Protect your hearing and prevent noise induced hearing loss, which is 100% preventable!

Created in partnership with the Canadian Centre for Health and Safety in Agriculture.

Work-Life: Make it Your Business!


We are all called to play multiple roles in our lives, sometimes simultaneously as employer-employee, parent, spouse, child, partner, friend, volunteer in the community… life keeps us busy, very busy. We sometimes forget to take care of ourselves, of our health, of our physical and mental well-being.

With the approval of CMHA Quebec Division, and support from the Candian Agricultural Safety Assocaition, l’Union des producteurs agricoles created a questionnaire to evaluate work-life balance. Please note, it is not a scientific test or a diagnostic test, rather a simple way of thinking about work-life balance.

PPE for Agricultural Operations

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Many people recognize a safety vest or glasses, but there are other forms of personal protective equipment (PPE). This course introduces and provides information on how to use, how to fit, how to take care of, and how to dispose of PPE.


Created in partnership with AgSafe Alberta.