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Machinery Safety

Speak Up For Safer Equipment

CASA created Speak Up For Safer Equipment — an online reporting tool — to support primary producers who have concerns about agricultural equipment manufactured within the last five years. If you believe that the design of your equipment is dangerous or doesn’t meet safety standards, fill out the form below.

Concerns related to the occupational safety and health of operators and or bystanders while agricultural equipment is utilized for the production of primary agricultural products.

  • Matters where legal proceedings have been initiated.
  • Labour relations issues.
  • Concerns from workers without the owner’s consent.
  • Issues related to financial transactions.
  • Issues related to consumer products intended for residential lawn and garden maintenance.
  • Issues related to off road recreational vehicles designed and primarily used for recreational purposes.
  • Concerns about equipment older than five years.
  • Received concerns will be assessed to ensure that they are within the scope of CASA’s mandate.
  • You will receive confirmation of receipt of your concern.
  • Your concern will be forwarded to the appropriate manufacturer’s representative if the matter is considered unique to a particular manufacturer.
  • CASA will contact you when updated information is available.
  • The manufacturer or representative of the manufacturer may contact you directly at their discretion.

Online Reporting Tool

Submit your concern electronically by following the four steps below or verbally by calling CASA at (877) 452-2272.

For more information about this online tool, contact CASA.