Brief, informal talks or meetings about specific topics relevant to agriculture to set the tone for safer work practices and how to undertake these various tasks safely and properly.

These talks typically involve a two to five minute, interactive discussion on something safety-related and can be conducted at the beginning of each day or prior to a specific farm task in order to remind workers about the importance of safe work methods or procedures.

All-Terrain Vehicle Operation on Farm Property
ATV Safety and Gear
Basic Tractor Operation
Battery Boosting
Biosecurity Protocols and Their Relationship to Worker Health
Blocking Raised Equipment
Carbon Monoxide
Chocking Wheels
Communicating health and safety concerns to management
Confined Spaces on the Farm
Ergonomics and manual handling
Fall Protection
Farm Machinery and Left-Hand Turns
Farm Machinery Fire Prevention
Farm Safety Photo Tips for Media
Farm Safety- Write it Right
Farm Stress Management
Farm Workshop Safety
Farming Around Power Lines
Front-end Tractor Attachments
General Hitching and Hauling
Grain Bin Safety
Handling and administration of veterinary medicines
Hazard Points and Guarding on Farm Equipment
Hazards and Eye Protection on the Farm
Hitching – Drawbar Connection
Learning From Close Calls
Lifting safely
Lighting and Marking Self-Propelled Equipment
Managing Grain Dust
Noise and Hearing Protection
Operating Portable Augers
Operation of Self-Propelled Equipment on Public Roadways
Overhead Wire Safety
Pre-Operational Inspection of Equipment
Preparing Grain Bins for Harvest
Proper load handling
Refuelling equipment
Removing Duals
Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI)
Responding to an Emergency
Risk assessment
Safe Handling of Cattle
Safe Ladder Use
Sleep and Effective Farming
Snow Blower Safety
Think S.A.F.E.
Towing large loads
Transporting Oversized Loads
Understanding Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
Use of personal protective equipment (PPE)
Wildlife Management
Working Alone
Working Alone
Working In Extreme Cold
Working in extreme heat

Other Resources

Agricultural Safety Tailgate Talks (English & Spanish)
Organization: Workplace Safety & Prevention Services

These tailgate talks consist of short 10-15 minute hands-on conversation pieces which supervisors and other appropriate personnel can use with seasonal agricultural workers. Included are 16 topics which address specific hazards along with an introduction providing guidance for use. Topics can be grouped or delivered separately as appropriate.

Developed as part of the Seguridad Agrícola – Agricultural Safety Tools available in Spanish and English.