Safety & Health Insurance Available and Farmer Insurance Needs Executive Summary

Safety & Health Insurance Available and Farmer Insurance Needs

It is a common view that farmers do not have adequate health insurance to manage their health needs given the physical and mental risks that come with farming. The cost of farmers’ injuries and illness can be mitigated if farmers had more preventative, appropriate, and cost-effective health and disability coverage.

This report is to perform a preliminary overview of the health benefit plans currently offered by provincial and territorial farm organizations and a summary of the available coverage from traditional insurance providers.

Gelatin Brain Mould

A teaching kit of three life-size brain moulds comes with instructions on how to mix up a brain-like gel to let set in the mould. Flip the “brain” out of the moulds and you have a slimy, jiggly mass, similar to a real brain that can be dropped or smashed to demonstrate the need for a protective safety helmet!

Click Here To Download Instructions.

Target Age: Grade 1 – Adult

How it Works:
Wear a helmet when you ride!
Objective: To demonstrate how delicate the human brain is.
Concept: Things that are delicate can be protected.