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Take affordable, professional, ag health and safety courses developed by CASA, anywhere, anytime of day. Because farm safety is important 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
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Do you have an interest in farm safety? Would you like to brush up on your farm safety skill set? CASA has developed several farm safety training courses that are available online, including Agricultural Machinery Safeguarding, Seasonal Agricultural Workers Health and Safety Orientation, Working in Confined Spaces on the Farm, and a suite of eight courses focusing on Dairy Worker Safety Orientation (click on course links below). Each course takes approximately 45 to 60 minutes to complete and offers a quiz at the end of the learning experience. Courses available in English only.


Provide Online Training for Your Employees

Do you have employees that would benefit from CASA’s suite of online courses? CASA offers discounts on bulk course purchases. Contact us for details.

Additionally, if your company or organization would like to offer CASA courses directly to your employees through your own web page, contact us. CASA can help facilitate the set-up of your very own customized web training portal that includes course administration at an affordable rate.

Membership Discounts

Are you a CASA member? If so, you are entitled to discounts on CASA’s online courses! Basic members receive a 25 per cent discount on CASA online courses. Enhanced members receive one free CASA course per membership year, followed by a 50 per cent discount on all other CASA online courses. To collect on this great deal, email CASA at info@casa-acsa.ca and provide your membership name, the course(s) you’d like to take, and your contact information (email preferred). CASA will send you a one-time-use course code(s) to apply when you register for your course(s). Must be a member in good standing to receive discounts.

The following are CASA-authored courses eligible for discounts:

  • Agricultural Machinery Safeguarding;
  • Seasonal Agricultural Workers Health and Safety Orientation;
  • Working in Confined Spaces on the Farm; and
  • Dairy Worker Safety Orientation Series (free course = one module).

CASA Tractor & Farm Machinery

In this course we will discuss Tractor Safety on your farm and provide some awareness training to help ensure that tractor operators understand the basic fundamentals of equipment operation in a safe manner.

You will require both of these documents for the course:



Agricultural Machinery Safeguarding

The training program for safeguarding agricultural machinery for protecting the health and safety of agricultural workers includes elements that will guide farm owners, managers and their workers on understanding the importance and design of machine guarding.

Seasonal Agricultural Workers Health and Safety Orientation

This course will enable farm owners and managers to train seasonal workers in the basic principles of agricultural health and safety, recognizing workplace hazards, and the importance and utilization of hazard control systems.

Dairy Worker Safety Orientation Series

This training series creates a foundation for more detailed workplace discussions between the workers and supervisors for addressing hazards specific to their dairy farm. This series consists of 8 modules: Animal Handling and Health; Chemical Safety; Feed Handling and Storage; General Safety; Machinery Safety in the Field; Milking and Chores; Personal Protective Equipment and Robotic Safety.

Browse Other Safety Courses

Haven’t found what you are looking for yet? While CASA has developed several online safety courses, CASA has also partnered with an online safety training network to provide access to hundreds of health and safety courses that have been developed by top subject matter experts in a number of fields. These online courses range from WHIMIS, risk analysis, and road safety courses, to specific equipment training. They are a valuable safety resource available 24 hours a day. Browse other safety course opportunities.

Grain Safety Training

Interested in grain safety training? Check out our BeGrainSafe Firefighter & Producer courses.